The Restoring Circles Project trains Indigenous and Ally change-makers and leaders as coaches of Indigenous social transformation tools that build identities of belonging, impact, and justice.

In the Restoring Circles Toolkit, we re-Indigenized popular evidence-based therapeutic models that take Indigenous cultures as their original source. These tools interrupt cycles of self- neglect, PTSD and retraumatization that result in physical, mental, emotional, sexual and financial violence, and collective trauma.

We Begin with Circle Principles, Core Concepts, and Somatics. These are interwoven throughout the program: Communicating Beyond Conflict, Gifts and Story, and Transformative Justice Circles, with we weave land-based protocol and ceremony throughout.

We Coach and Activate them in collaborative learning, systems innovation and action-research in land-based protocol and cultural expression: holistic, hands on & experiential, here and now, collective, inclusive, interdependent, somatically and spiritually grounded.

We then anchor them in long-term community Talking Circles for conflict resolution, witnessing, and healing. Circle Process cultivates the life essentials of belonging, impact, mindful awareness, conflict evolution, and peaceful, reciprocal relationships  that build networks of reconciliation, organizational change, social inclusion, and equity. Its inner evolution directly impacting personal relationships and social structures.

The Branches:

  1. Coach holistic Indigenous restorative relationship skills in community to re-orient long-term effects of colonization into healing and engagement.

  2. Coach Allies alongside, growing reconciliation capacity, networks, and action, integrated in organizations and community life.

  3. Build Restorative Justice Talking Circles where Urban Aboriginal community and Allies address conflict, systemic violence, mental health, trauma, transformation, place, celebration and healing.

  4. Inclusive social innovation & systems transformation: workshops constantly adapt, innovate, co-create and apply teachings and discoveries the day to day realities and connections of making life.

  5. Cultivate a Reconciliation network that collaborates social justice practice, policy, protocol and leadership evolution in organizations. We connect practice to leadership, with organizations that collaborate for systems transformation.


The Teachings

  • Full System, Critical Mindfulness & whole person regard,

  • Nonviolent communication & conflict evolution,

  • Storytelling & witnessing that heals,

  • Collective belonging of Respect, Responsibility & Reciprocity: principles of power with

  • Indigenous embodiment, somatics & trauma practices & AFOT,

  • Hands-on & Making as human expression: Collective creation in art, song, story and gifting

  • Identity as Gift: Appreciative and Asset-based Development

  • Transformative & Restorative Circle process mediating personal wellness, family and community conflict.

  • Land-based collective protocols: gifts, gathering, contribution and honouring on Coast Salish lands

  • Allyship & Reconciliation: Indigenous-Ally Collaboration of standing with, oriented to Indigenous way, and individual, in organizations, across community.