All My Relations

  • Power WITH, replacing Power OVER: skills and tools for collective peace-making to replace systems of violence and exclusion: programming, policies, and collaboration.

  • Indigenous Process of whole-system mindfulness, respect, reciprocity and responsibility: All My Relations in daily action, in real relationships.

  • Talking circles for community-based conflict resolution, transformational justice, collective belonging, personal healing and reconciliation.

  • Reconciliation by and for the Urban Indigenous community, and their Allies: We aim to transform organizations and social norms in intercultural collaborative engagement, research and innovation.

We need all of us on this transformation journey. We all need to heal, and we need each other to heal. The transformation shifts fundamental cultural ways of being, into All My Relations of Respect, Responsibility, and Reciprocity.

Active, collective accountability to both privilege and trauma sets up the path to dismantling systems of power over, into collective strength, weaving mutual relationships with power with. We resonate with the energy of generative relationships.

Healing is collective and healing is possible. Our transformations are witnessed and actualized in community, reciprocating our identity, roles, and gifts. People who experience violence, people who use violence, and bystanders who witness and express social standards are all involved in the healing.

Good collaborators and good allies are needed, so that they can work to change the mainstream and dominating culture of violence and exclusion. We involve all of us.

The whole social and cultural system of colonizing and consumer culture that’s sitting on Turtle Island and the world needs to change. While urgency affects all of us, collaborating a better way requires the actions of inclusion, lovingkindness, gentleness, belonging and here and now mindful systemic awareness.

Accountability witnesses our gifts and relationships. How can we show our accountability to each other? How can we call in accountability with love & invitation?

We recognise addiction as a self-harm, and as a direct coping mechanism from trauma and violation. Indigenous cultural ways of embodied Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit heal trauma. Active relationships with the whole of nature are healing, mindful and multi-layered with meaning and impact.

Good language and vocabulary is needed, so that we speak based on gifts, inclusion, equity and growing the positive.

Transformative Justice changes the society that normalizes violence. Transformative Justice creates real change in everyday lives, to replace the lesser-than tensions, micro-aggressions, and direct harms that build violence. Transformative Justice works with personal relationships, lateral kindness and compassionate accountability, across organizations, groups, and policies, and changes othering and exclusion into whole system and whole person respect.

Transformative Justice Circles of belonging need to be ongoing & integrated in community for those Circles to be trusted and respected. Evidence shows that for community to see Circles as trustworthy, meaningful, and accountable, those Circles need to be engaged ongoing in building community spaces, values, actions, meaningful events and relationships with presence and belonging. Many Restorative Justice Circles that are one off appear to be not as effective.



Our process is action-research Knowledge Mobilization: your creations & adaptations belong to your community. We co-facilitate and develop with your community in each workshop.

We train local people to be local Coaches & Circle facilitators for local relationships.

We are all learners and we are all coaches. We learn from and teach each other all the time. Intentional and mindful co-learning & coaching is an Indigenous frame of mind. Behaviour-supporting learning moments can be sprinkled throughout our days and lives.

Collective, whole person engagement of Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit builds self with shared relationships: culture-making, art, food, land-based healing, theatre, gifting and ceremony.

Healing comes from growing the positive, growing what works, with intentional boundaries of safety, respect, gentleness and invitation.

We co-develop for place-based strategy & practices. Each workshop develops with your community how the principles and actions can be active in your community.

We return several times to review, integrate, adapt, go deeper, discover new contexts, needs and intersections and openings for better practice.

We are just one part: We collaborate with other programs and trainings that specialize in practice-specific teachings, such as Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy, or community kitchens.

We engage with Allies and non-indigenous collaborators so that they can be part of the healing, and transform the communities, agencies and institutions that maintain marginalization and racism.

We seek and integrate good language so that we can communicate and grow based in gifts, inclusion, equity and growing the positive. We need words of connected, mutual, joy-building cultures: this is Indigenous.

The change is filled with joy, love, belonging and actualization of our Gifted Selves, with a role for each in community.